Let Your Food Be Your Medicine and Your Medicine be Your Food

Let Your Food Be Your Medicine and Your Medicine be Your Food

My Mother

My mother’s name is Zenobia Makeda.  She is 80 years strong and a retired LPN (License Practical Nurse), having worked in the health care field for 34 years, in the surgical, pediatric, geriatric, medical, and neurology department.

You may wonder why she did not go on to further her education to become an RN (Registered Nurse), but after having five young children and a husband; being a new immigrant to England from Jamaica; raising a family on her own, with no other immediate family members; studying way into the early mornings, while we were fast asleep in bed, still attending to all of our every needs to the best of her abilities, and still taking great care of us without missing a beat.

In my opinion,SPEAKS VOLUMES and is nothing short of a GREAT ACCOMPLISHMENT! It shows the determination and passion that some will take to go that extra mile in pursuit of a dream, no matter the odds and still succeed.

My mother received her qualifications from University Centre Dudley, formally known as Dudley Road College, England.

For the first seven years of her career, she worked at Dudley Road Hospital located in Hands worth, Birmingham England,as a night nurse in charge of Prednisone…which, depending on the dosage, can change the physical appearance of your face. 

My mother also worked in the ENT ward, (ears, nose, and throat),and for the remaining 27 years, she worked at Health Science Center in Winnipeg, Manitoba located in Canada,from which she retired.  After retiring, my mother chose to self-educate on wholistic health and medicine. 

I am saying all of this to give you a brief history of my mother’s educational background.  With that said, she now has seven grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.  She is in excellent health and is NOT TAKING ANY MEDICATION!  Let me repeat–She does NOT TAKE ANY MEDICATION!

Her education, love, and passion for people makes her more-than-qualified to talk,offer advice, and make suggestions in the medical field and more so on NUTRITIONAL HEALTH


Get Ready To Meet The New You Thru Correct Eating Habits, You’ll Cure All Illnesses

My name is Desree Crooks.  I am the daughter of this beautiful woman.  I am a mother of one, and for practically half of my adult life, I have practiced a certain lifestyle and committed myself to a certain way of eating. 

But, I must admit, I have fallen off the track a couple of times with my diet, but with that said, I have noticed the enormous difference as to how certain foods can really make a significant difference.


I would not be here today talking about health, had it not had been for my own firsthand experiences, a lot of reading, and having in-depth discussions with my mother about health and nutrition.

Some of the topics we will be discussing will be from my own personal experience, my mother’s experiences and events that have accrued throughout my mother’s career, where she is able to speak candidly.

So! Now that you have a sense as to where all this information is coming from, let’s get started…


Say No To DRUGS!